The Bottom Line (Wednesday, December 7th, 2005)

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"All you'll ever need to know about your arse and his (sic)"

Written in a friendly and accessible style, this gay man's guide to anal health covers a wide variety of topics. Using a mixture of illustrations and graphics it explains how the arse works, what it does, how it relates to other parts of the body and how to get maximum pleasure from sex with minimal pain or damage.

Now also in its second edition. And it mentions vaginas, but only to say that the "lining of your throat and mouth (or a vagina) is tough" and "your arse doesn't lubricate itself like your mouth or a woman's vagina do."

However the reader is assumed to be only interested in other men's arses, not women's. We know, again from Sigma, that bisexually behaving men are more likely to have anal sex with women than the straight population, but there's not even a mention of the dangers in going from anal sex to vaginal sex without washing or swapping condoms.

Friends of mine would be hugely amused to learn that "Double-headed dildos are designed for two men to use at the same time".

Again, fisting is apparently only done in men's arses, never in women's or in a vagina.

You can download a copy from here.

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  1. Ian 28th March 2008 at 9:30 pm

    Again, now in its third edition (June 2006).

    Some changes include altering the 'doesn't lubricate itself' quote, to say "Mouths and vaginas lubricate themselves; but arses don't." Well, the grammar is better, but…

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