GP Treatment for Gay and Bisexual Men (Thursday, September 11th, 2008)

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Ooh, 'bisexual' in the title for once. Well, the title of the 2007 booklet, anyway. The intro says

it's important for you to know about [the healthcare system], even if you are not ill, and why being gay or bisexual is relevant to your healthcare.

and says 'More detailed information is available at'.

That link currently redirects to (thus proving they can do redirections when they want to rather than break links) which, as the URL implies, is headlined 'GPs and Gay Men' and even changes the 'gay or bisexual' phrase above to 'why being gay or lesbian is relevant to your health'. (My emphasis.)

While this is quite possibly the only time CHAPS money has been spent considering women's health! The argument repeatedly given to me is that CHAPS is about sex between men, and thus women are irrelevant…

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