Man Sex Man (Wednesday, December 7th, 2005)

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Written for men who don't have HIV, this booklet is for men who have sex with other men. It provides basic information about sex between men, has tips that can make sex better and information about how to make sex safer.

This was the one that had me jumping up and down in anger and frustration when I first saw it. I read it as being for gay, bisexual and non-identified men who have sex with men. Apparently it's meant for men of low educational achievement.

Good: Bi inclusive at the start.

This booklet is for guys who have sex with other men. Some only have sex with men; others have sex with men and women.

There are drawings of six men.

Uneasy: The 'I'm bisexual' man wants to suck big cocks and doesn't want to get fucked. Others don't want rough sex and pain, guys who only want sex, getting an infection and being pushed around.

Given some of the stereotypes, and the attitude to bisexual men shown elsewhere, I'd be happier if it was the gay identified guy who didn't want to get fucked (about one in five don't in any one year). Or if the bisexual-identified one didn't want any of the other things.

Argh: The sex section is gay only. 'Fucking' means:

Anal sex is when you put a man's cock up your arse or put your cock up his.

(Sarcasm alert) Erm, women have arses too you know?

Again, we know (Sigma) that bisexually behaving men are more likely to have anal sex with women than the general male population. (And most anal sex in the UK is between men and women.)

There's nothing about vaginal sex or using condoms for it.

There's a section called "Fucking boyfriends"… but nothing about female partners.

On the net, no-one can hear you scream. (Edit: an unacknowledged change to the THT website broke this link sometime in 2006, sigh.)

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