They've done it again (Tuesday, September 20th, 2011)

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I hadn't seen this one before I was asked about it in one of the monthly Sigma Panel surveys. is a microsite aimed at "gay or bisexual" (it uses Flash, so you can't copy text from it easily, sigh) men.

But it was the ad that made me go 'argh':

I did it for love THT CHAPS ad

"I did it for love" – fine.

"Find out why others do it and share your HIV testing stories today at I DID IT.ORG.UK" – fine (although I hope people don't put the spaces in the URL!)

"Show him you care by taking an HIV test" – arrggghhhh!!!!! Did no-one think what message this sends to "gay and bisexual" men? It's firstly that there is one person (and just one person) and secondly that it's a man. Hello THT? Men without a partner? Men with more than one? Female partners?

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